Mobocracy in Post-Covid Assam

By Sabreen Ahmed
The act of taking the law into one’s own hands as a vindictive action of wild justice can never be the solution to any social problem. The need of the hour is to have social sensitization and an Anti-Lynching Bill for the state to check the growing menace of mobocracy in post-Covid Assam.

Travelling in the Times of COVID-19: Erstwhile Joys and Present Fears

By Rashi Bhargava & Richa Chilana 
The conventional wisdom of our society, as pointed out by Shilpa Ranade, Sameera Khan and Shilpa Phadke in their book, Why Loiter: Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets (2011) is that “a loitering woman is up to no good. She is either mad, bad or dangerous to society.” Who would have thought that we will be living in a time when a loitering anybody is “mad, bad or dangerous to society.”