A. General Submission Guidelines:

1. We are ideologically neutral and invite submissions from the perspectives of all ideologies – right, center, left etc. – as long as a piece makes a reasoned argument.

2.While emailing your pieces, please write ‘Blog Piece’ in the subject line. E-mail: For our Books and Films Sections, send in your submissions to Books and Films Editors. See the guidelines below.

3. The pieces should not be less than 800 words and not more than 1500 words. We are open to making exceptions to this rule, if a particular piece deserves more space.

4. We are open to audio-visual submissions (in the form of interviews, conversations etc.). The audio-visual files must not be more than 20 minutes in duration. Again, we are open to making exceptions to this rule in some cases.

5. We invite Photo Essays on any topic and in any area. We will include a maximum of 15 photos in a Photo Essay.

6. Currently, we are not accepting creative writing submissions: short story, short-shorts, poetry, etc.

7. In case the authors are making submissions to multiple magazines, blogs, and newspapers,  they must inform Cafe Dissensus Everyday the moment the piece is accepted elsewhere. Once Cafe Dissensus Everyday accepts a piece and starts working on it, it cannot be published in another magazine, blog, and newspaper.

8. The materials on Cafe Dissensus are protected under Creative Commons License. Once a piece is published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday, we will retain the exclusive copyright for a period of 15 days, from the date of publication. Within this period, the piece cannot be re-published elsewhere even in an adapted and modified form. Thereafter, it must be acknowledged that the piece was first published in Cafe Dissensus Everyday. Failing to comply with this and any unauthorized republication/reproduction of the piece will invite legal measures.

9. We are a completely voluntary endeavor and we are unable to pay our authors.

B. Submission Guidelines for the Politics Section:

For Submitting to our Politics Section, check out the Submission Guidelines here.

C. Submission Guidelines for the Books Section:

For Submitting to our Books Section, check out the Submission Guidelines here.

D. Submission Guidelines for the Films Section:

For submitting to our Films Section, check out the Submission Guidelines here. All submissions should be addressed to our Films Editor, Murtaza Ali Khan:


The following are some of our focus areas (alphabetically):


Book Review 

City (especially, its underbelly)

Creative Writing





Excerpts from Forthcoming Books

Film (including Film Review)





Muslim Leadership (in the present times and in history)



Rural India


Social Activism (interviews/profiles/first-person accounts of activists)




Unsung Heroes (whose meaningful work does not receive enough media attention)

Please send in your submissions to the Editors: