Writing Empathy: The Polychromatic World of Ambai’s ‘A Red-necked Green Bird’

By Basudhara Roy
Much as one may endorse the idea of the androgynous creative mind, a world as nuanced with women’s thoughts and feelings as Ambai conjures in her stories, would have been challenging for a male translator to mirror with as much felicity and power as Prasad has done.

Book Review: “The Fragrance of Death”: Discovering and Recovering Tagore through Translations

By Sanghita Sanyal
Sanjukta Dasgupta’s translations are like a magic-touch that makes Tagore’s personal contexts of loss and deep, microscopic observations of a (Bengali) woman’s quality of life in a nineteenth century (Bengali) household is directly out on paper, in ironic terms, understandable and relatable for a wider range of audience.