Poem: When Women March

Photo: The Mercury News

By Sanghamitra Bhumana

When Women March,
They march with a torch,
Of strong conviction,
Of dreams that were never conceived.

Oh, that torch is contagious,
It won’t go out until it lights a fire.
When women marched in D.C.,
When the Trumpet of disdain blew at the White House 4 years ago,
Stirring hearts and minds to see
More women hurled into seats of power.
They organized, they spoke, they rallied for their voices to be heard.

A contagion was sparked,
That took its strength from the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

100 years ago those women marched for the right to vote,
This time when women marched,
A staggering number of them were on the ballot,
A record number of them elected as people’s representatives.

The year 1920 gave women the right to vote in the USA,
The year 2020 gave them the first woman Vice President!
It took 100 years of long-suffering!
From suffrage, they rummaged,
The strength to finally break that glass ceiling!
Break she did and said, “I might be the first but I won’t be the last!”
A rallying cry for every girl that looks like her to dream.

Make no mistake, when women march
They bend the arc of History,
Make no mistake, it’s Herstory too!

When they do march, they don’t just march for women,
They march for sons and daughters
To live in a world where equality and freedom are alive.

That womb of life they carry, Will not tarry,
Will not stay stalled,
When justice and equality are mauled.

Make no mistake, when women march
They bend the arc of History,
Make no mistake, it’s Herstory too!

Sanghamitra Bhumana, born and brought up in India, has lived and worked as a Telecommunications Engineer in the US for 11 years before moving back to India with her husband and kids to live close to their parents and to raise their kids closer to their cultural roots. She is currently pursuing her passion in the field of education in Hyderabad. She is a poet, nature, and space enthusiast.


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