Photo-Series: you stigma you!


By Jyotsna Dwivedi

The photo series is a documentation of a private ritual in which a woman tries to kiss a flower. It’s titled as ‘you stigma you!’ Although the part of the flower that is being kissed is suggestive of a male sex organ, it is the female sex organ of the flower, called the stigma, that has an ovary hiding at its base. In a way, the woman is kissing herself. The woman is using a ‘body language’ to indulge in the physical play while being in the process of ageing. The notions of ageing bring with it an urge to escape from visible signs and changes that appear in the body and at the same time there is an attempt to suppress desire and sexual needs. This private ritual is an attempt to claim both, the ageing body and the sexual desire.










Jyotsna Dwivedi
is a visual artist. She lives and works from New Delhi, India.


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