Violence and the USA

Photo: Andres Leighton / AP
Rene Aguilar and Jackie Flores pray at a makeshift memorial for the victims of Saturday’s mass shooting at a shopping complex in El Paso, Texas, Sunday, August 4, 2019. (AP Photo/Andres Leighton)

By Ken W. Simpson

Mass produced murder
in America
where hitmen are heroes
and gangsters idolised.

The shootings in El Paso and Ohio are the result of violence that has evolved since the arrival of the first settlers in the Mayflower. It began with the decimation of the Indian population by shooting, poisoning and by deliberate infection.

The anarchic wild west featured such individuals as Billy the Kid and gangs of outlaws led by Jesse James and the Daltons, who became folk heroes. Cattle rustlers were summarily lynched – a form of execution in which blacks were the usual victims.

In the Civil War, America was at war with itself. The abolition of slavery was more of an excuse for an ideal than a reason.

After World War II, the Nazis gained power in America and have held it in various forms ever since. The two-party system ceased to exist after the assassination of John F.Kennedy. America became not the leader of the free world but a despotic power that led the blind and used the CIA to destabilise and terrorise nations that dared to represent the people.

In Africa, Eisenhower had Patrice Lumumba, the democratically elected socialist leader of the Congo, assassinated. The US deposed President Mossadegh of Iran in a coup and took control of Iran’s oil.

The US invaded Vietnam twice. Lyndon B. Johnson used a fabricated Gulf of Tonkin Incident as an excuse to invade a second time after the assassination of JFK. Harry Truman invaded Korea, probably because he was told to do so by the shadow government, since he was, according to Webster Griffin Tarpley, the first puppet president of the Wall Street. Truman also authorised the dropping of atomic bombs on civilians at Hiroshima and Nagasaki – an egregious crime against humanity.

Henry Kissinger, who had authorised the illegal bombing of Cambodia, staged a coup in Indonesia and replaced the popular President Sukarno with the brutal Colonel Suharto, who slaughtered most of the Chinese population of Indonesia before invading and occupying East Timor for twenty-five years. Soon after Nixon had been impeached and sacked, President Ford had President Allende, the democratically elected socialist leader of Chile, assassinated and replaced by the dictator General Pinochet.

Martin Luther King was assassinated, allegedly by police. Bobby Kennedy was assassinated – not by Sirhan Sirhan – but by a cop. John Kennedy lost his life when his light plane crashed into the ocean in suspicious circumstances.

The US has destabilised most of South America and the Middle East – although Syria is fighting back. Iran is currently being threatened. Only Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua have fought to stay free.

In the Gulf War, George H W Bush used the banned depleted uranium and the banned white phosphorus to devastating effect against Saddam’s tanks and allowed sanctions that caused the death by starvation of half a million Iraqi civilians.

George W Bush illegally and brutally invaded Iraq, torturing Iraqis sometimes to death at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay.

Bill Clinton destroyed the thriving socialist republic of Yugoslavia because it represented the people.

President Trump used the banned white phosphorus against Syrian civilians as a deliberate act of terror.

Barack Obama used NATO to bomb the prosperous nation of Libya to rubble because President Gaddafi intended to change currency away from the dollar. Hillary Clinton publicly gloried in the lynching of Gaddafi by Al Qaeda terrorists. Today Libya is a wasteland where the slave trade flourishes.

The world refugee crisis is the result of US destabilisation and the US continues to separate refugee children from their parents and locking them in cages.

America has evolved with a culture of white supremacy and violence. Mental illness is widespread. The church is more of a hindrance than a help. People are programmed to believe nonsense. Paedophilia is rampant in Christian churches. The Pope even supports paedophile priests. He was convicted by the International Criminal Court in Brussels of trafficking children and conducting a black Satanic Mass with child sacrifice.

The US government is responsible for the violence which infects not only America but also its allies. The recent shootings are symptoms of this violence.

Ken W. Simpson is an Australian essayist and poet, educated at Scotch College (Melbourne) and Swinburne Art School. He taught art, began writing short stories and switched to writing free verse and essays. He has a poetry collection, Patterns of Perception, published by Augur Press (UK) in January 2015.


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