Poem – Mumbo Jumbo: God’s Holiest Book

Painting: artmajeur.com

By Amrita Valan

I don’t believe in your mumbo jumbo!
Your easy salvation,
Your fake contrition.
No crime beyond the reach of repentance,
A trick to obtain unearned grace?
Humans are sinners; Grace cannot be earned?
Then for mercy’s sake, withhold your hell,
We cannot be burnt.

I believe in men of God
That they came with holy missions.
I believe Holy books contain
But the germ of His vision,
That fruit of knowledge of good and evil,
Is not the product of a scapegoat devil.

Knowledge is Truth, it germinates
In the soil of free thinking minds,
God’s Holiest Books are we,
Living and loving, weaving parables,
Not of original sin,
But Brotherhood of mankind,
That in libraries you may never find.

Amrita Valan is a mother of two boys. She holds a master’s degree in English literature. She worked in several BPOs, in American health insurance and British motor insurance. In addition, she was a content creator as well as a receptionist at a five-star hotel. Amrita has written over a thousand poems on love, spirituality, family, religion, current affairs, human rights as well as short stories, rhymes and tales for children. She has just started exploring the thrill of trying to become a published poet.


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