Three Poems by Megha Sood

Painting: M Singh

By Megha Sood

My Morning Routine

My fingers tracing those invisible
un-etched dreams on my table
some skewed,
and some are forgotten
with the cruel bouts of the merciless time

Time doesn’t discriminate
Doesn’t it?
the warm cup leaves the impression
the circle of incessant pain and angst
the monotony,
the endless grind;
the incessant cacophony

my incongruence of abstract thoughts
forming a shapeless vortex around my waist
tightens its grip on me by every passing second
but I fail to lose the hope
I’m a pessimist, they say

the taloned fingers clutching on to the last shreds of
dreams and reality
but my mind,
Oh! my ever beautiful mind
never stops dreaming

as my fingers trace the time
dipped in those droplets
the eternal beauty of a broken promise
etching a beautiful prayer
as a part of my morning time routine.


Socially Acceptable

Where does your truth lie
in the vast spectrum of audacity?
Lingering between the shades of the
falsehoods and the sublimity

Does the shade vary as the potency of the truth gets diluted?
As the concentration of the lies dissolved,
it churns a new mixture
a new potent;
a tad bit stronger than the previous lie
Which has been gulped unanimously
Not so jarring

Soothing the throats of the naysayers
standing on the brim
Carefully selecting the shades of truth
picking the right shades

Which can sit comfortably in their long craning necks
before they spat out the version
which is a little tart
a truth not so sweet;
but socially acceptable.


Your face is a poem

Those thin weary lines
the finer slicker ends of your crow’s feet
are hiding the simple lesson
those profound advice,
purest of all beliefs

the universe can
read you like a book
from cover to cover
your face is like a poem

those deep lines
etched for eternity
tells a story
written by the verses
deeply lodged in your soul

and every time
the sun rises and reads the
tattered page
of your banal existence

it cries its bloody tears
and hides its trepidation
in its crimson existence

Megha Sood is an Assistant Poetry Editor for the Literary Journal MookyChick and a Literary Partner with the “Life in Quarantine” at Stanford University, USA. Her works are widely published in literary journals and anthologies including Better than Starbucks, Gothamist, Poetry Society of New York, Madras Courier, Borderless Journal, WNYC Studios, Kissing Dynamite, American Writers Review, FIVE:2: ONE, Quail Bell, Dime Show Review, etc. Three-time State-level Winner NAMI Dara Axelrod NJ Poetry Contest 2018/2019/2020 and First Place National Winner Spring Robinson Lit Prize 2020, Finalist in Pangolin Poetry Prize 2019, Adelaide Literary Award 2019 and Erbacce Prize 2020, Nominated for the iWomanGlobalAwrads 2020 and many more. Works selected numerous times by Jersey City Writers group and Department of Cultural Affairs for the Arts House Festival. Editor of (“The Medusa Project, Mookychick) and (“The Kali Project,” Indie Blu(e) Press). Chosen twice as the panelist for the Jersey City Theater Center Online Series “Voices Around the World”.She blogs at and tweets at @meghasood16.


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