On the Impossibility of a Room of One’s Own: Rethinking Virginia Woolf’s Spatial Politics

By Paromita Patranobish
The desired room in ‘A Room’ is then not just a reference to conditions of isolation and solitude required for creative work; it is more importantly a meditation on the politics of inhabitation, coexistence, and collective occupation of human geographies as concerns at the heart of feminist epistemology.

Book Review: Madhav Hada’s ‘Meera Vs Meera’

By Atiqa Kelsy
Trying to know Meera is like waking right into the middle of the famous Sheesh Mahal. The person right in the centre is reflected in the countless mirrors. It is so tempting to get lost in those dazzling reflections and forget the real source – the person. Meera Vs Meera is an attempt to help us focus back on to the person and not the dazzling images.

Victims, Villains and Valour: Global War on Terror and its Gendered Connotations

By Aindrila Chakraborty
The global war on terror and the security narratives produced thereafter has not only put forth complex challenges to the question of war and peace, but it has also strategically produced images, carrying gendered connotations, categorically identifying certain communities. Such constructions tend to be consumed globally, even today.