Mapping the rural-urban experience of online teaching

By Priyanka Yadav
Stuti (name changed), a class 6 student from a remote village, sighs as she says, “Ma’am sends me worksheets but sometimes I am unable to understand the questions because she sends an audio file on WhatsApp. Maybe if she could send a video, it will be comprehensible to me.”

Travelling in the Times of COVID-19: Erstwhile Joys and Present Fears

By Rashi Bhargava & Richa Chilana 
The conventional wisdom of our society, as pointed out by Shilpa Ranade, Sameera Khan and Shilpa Phadke in their book, Why Loiter: Women and Risk on Mumbai Streets (2011) is that “a loitering woman is up to no good. She is either mad, bad or dangerous to society.” Who would have thought that we will be living in a time when a loitering anybody is “mad, bad or dangerous to society.”